UPDATED: RCL-Based Series for the Season after Pentecost and Extended Advent 2016

Taylor Burton-Edwards, Director of Worship Resources, Discipleship Ministries


The Vocation of the Prophet
Mission in the World, Not of It
Learning from the Master
May 29
Who or What Is God?
Operate Out of Divine Authority
Expect Surprise!
June 5
“Ministry With” or “Where Are God’s People”
One Christ, Many Cultures
Compassion in Action
June 12
How a Prophet Speaks
The Faith OF Christ Justifies
Responding to Lavish Love Because of Lavish Forgiveness
June 19
Time Out
From Pedagogue to Christ Himself
Delivering the Possessed, Reconnecting the Marginalized
June 26
Passing the Mantle
Works of the Flesh, Life in the Spirit
Dealing with Resistance to the Call to Discipleship
July 3
“Prophetic Ministry Is Toward All,” OR “Bureaucracies May Be a Means of Salvation, Too!”
Freed from the Flesh: Paul’s ALL CAPS RANT
Mission Being Accomplished!

When God Speaks Judgment
Our Life in Christ
Loving God and Neighbor
July 10
A Plumb Line for Leaders
How We Grow in Christ
How to Be a Neighbor
July 17
Righteousness and Justice for People
Christ in Y’all, The Hope of Glory
Loving by Listening
July 24
When Pity Is Exhausted
The All-Sufficiency of Christ to Save Us
Letting God Love You
July 31
Judgment for Restoration
Out with the Old, On with the New
The Love Never Stops Here

Extended Bible Study: Through Judgment toward Renewal (11 weeks)
What Faithful Living Looks Like
Getting Ready for the Coming Kingdom
August 7
Right Living Comes First
Seeking the Unseen
Get Yourself Ready
August 14
Why Judgment Will Come
Faithfulness Everywhere Under All Conditions
Signs in the World
August 21
To Destroy and to Build
Worship with Thanksgiving, Reverence and Awe
Signs among the Faithful
August 28
Idolatry and Broken Systems
Money, Sex, and Displaced People
How to Dine in the Kingdom

A Church for Saving Sinners*
September 4**
The Potter: A Call to Repent
Philemon: Setting People Free
Let All Possessions Go
September 11
The Threat: Uncreation
God Is Out to Save Us All
Reclaiming Lost Possessions
September 18
The Siege Begins
The Church that Prays for All
Being Shrewd with Possessions
September 25
A pledge for the Future
What Leaders Pursue
Distracted by Possessions

After the Disaster
Leaders Persevering
Keep on…
October 2***
Stay the Course
October 9
Don’t Let Suffering Deter You
Healing All
October 16
Teach the Scriptures

October 23
Live as a Libation
Trusting in God’s Mercy

The Coming Judgment

October 30
God’s Judgment Is Just
Seeking and Saving the Lost
All Saints (Nov 6)
God's Judgment Calls Us to Sanctification
Practicing Resurrection
November 13
All Things New
God's Judgment Calls Us to Work Hard
Trusting Jesus

Nov 20 Christ the King

God's Judgment Leads to Paradise

November 27
Advent 1(3)

December 4
Advent 2(4)

December 11
Advent 3 (5)

December 18
Advent 4(6)


* Alternative: Do September 4 as a “one-off”—Labor Day or Back to School or Laity Sunday, or Philemon,  then start a 7 week series in I Timothy, skipping the 2 Timothy readings entirely. Conclude on October 23 with what is now week 3 (September 25). Add the following themes: September 25: I Timothy 3: 1-13 “Qualification of Spiritual Leaders: Head Pastors and Deacons;” October 2: I Timothy 3:14-4:5 “Living Out the Mystery;” October 9: I Timothy 5:1-21, “Honoring One Another;” October 16: I Timothy 6:6-10, “Cultivating the True Riches”

** Alternative for All Tracks during September: Season of Creation resources

Either complementary to or alternative for all tracks during October: A Season of Saints