Prayers for the People of Orlando and The United States

This is one of my prayers in response to the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

It is just that. It is mine. I don't propose this as a prayer for others to use, though you are free to. But it is one I am praying, fervently.

And it is just one of the ways I am praying just now in the light of the massacre of so many Latino and other LGBTQ+ people in Orlando on Sunday morning (June 12, 2016).

How long, O Lord, how long?
How long will the nation remain complacent,
while our children massacre one another
with weapons no civilian ever needs,
nor ever should have?

How long must we accept excuses
from legislators bought and muted by the NRA?

In your mercy, deliver us, O Lord,
and in your rightousness crush the power
that suppresses wisdom
and lets such ruin and chaos flourish
under cover of law.

Come quickly to rescue us,
and all who cry to you for help.

I invite you to post your prayers in the comments.

I may post more there, too.